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Information Systems is developing a new web site for Habitat for Humanity IWV identified as software build "habitat 2". Build "habitat 2" is being developed from Software Build "habitat 1" which was produced by Jeannette Bournival and delivered in 2009. This software engineering endeavor is a team effort where Habitat personnel are responsible for defining the web site design and Information Systems is responsible for building the web site. This web page is the development team interface to the engineering development environment.

Development Environment

Web sites are software intensive. Software development has inherent risk. The risk is mitigated by following software life cycle phases. Phase I defines the web site. During phase II the web site is built using the engineering specifications from Phase I. Phase III is a maintenance phase when software defects missed during phase II testing are fixed and content is kept current. This web page supports all life cycle phases of development and maintenance. Listed below are the engineering services accessible through this web site:

  1. List of engineering documents associated with the three phases of software life cycle
  2. Document status, revision level, and date last updated
  3. Document distribution
  4. List of web development team members with E-mail
  5. Team member areas of responsibilities
  6. Hyperlink to the current public web site
  7. Hyperlink to the current public web site beta test area
  8. Hyperlink to the prototype web site for software build II development

The engineering process defines periodic reviews to establish completed mile stones. Reviews can be held face to face, via video conferencing, or via e-mail. Most team interaction can be accomplished via e-mail. For an overview of the engineering process, see engineering document "Web Site Development Process" downloaded from this web site. The prototype web site is produced during phase I to help the team define the new web software build.

Web Site List

  1. Current Public Web Site (Baseline 2.0)
  2. Beta Test Site (Baseline 2.0)
  3. Forrest Development Area (Baseline 2.1)

Web User and Status Reports

Document Name Date Status
Progress Review on Sept 1, 2011 9/1/2011 Final
Web Trouble Reports/Enhancements as of 9/23/11 9/1/2011 Development
Content Maintenance Manuel V1 9/1/2011 Development
User Manuel V2 9/1/2011 Development

Phase I - Web Site Definition Documents

Phase I of the engineering process is to define the web site through engineering documents. Listed below are all the Phase I engineering documents and reports. Documents are maintained over the life of the web site while reports are discarded when the phase is completed. Documents and reports are under the control of the Configuration Manager. Document status are defined as follows:
a. Template - The document template has not been populated with project content.
b. Development - The document template has some project content inserted.
c. Approved - The document has been reviewed and approved by the customer.

Document Name Date Status
Project Proposal Phase I Rev 3 9/1/10 Final
Web Site Evaluation Report 5/30/10 Final
Spec/Design Document Rev 2.5 2/26/11 Development
Visitor Profile Report 9/1/11 Development
Content Maintenance Report 5/30/10 Template
Style Guide Template 5/30/10 Template
Viewing Equipment Matrix Report 5/30/10 Template
Test Plan/Procedure/Report Template 5/30/10 Template
Design Review Report 5/30/10 Template
Project Schedule - Phase I 5/30/10 Template

Phase II - Web Site Development Documents

Document Name Date Status
Project Proposal Phase II Report 4/15/09 Template
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Report 4/15/09 Template
Project Schedule Report 4/15/09 Template
Software Product Baseline Template 4/15/09 Template
Test Readiness Review Report 4/15/09 Template
Test Plan/Description/Report Template 4/15/09 Template
Customer Acceptance Report 4/15/09 Template

Phase III - Web Site Maintenance Documents

Document Name Date Status
Project Proposal - Phase III Report 4/15/09 Template
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Report 4/15/09 Template
Schedule Phase III Report 4/15/09 Template
Maintenance Plan Template 4/15/09 Template
Monthly Maintenance Report 4/15/09 Template
Visitor Analysis Plan Template 4/15/09 Template
Monthly Visitor Report 4/15/09 Template

Project Management Documents

Baseline documents are configuration management (CM) documents used to track both software and the engineering documents that define the software. An engineering document under CM is refered to as a Configuration Item or CI. A software file under CM is refered to as a Computer Software Configuration Item or CSCI.

Document Name Date
Web Site Development Process Rev 2 6/11/10
Baseline Log .doc 9/6/10
Baseline Log .xls 9/6/10

Major Web Site Contributors

Jeannette Bournival E-mail
Jeannette built the first Habitat website which provided most of the content used in the current web site. Her work significently reduced the labor needed for this web site.

Julia Stepro E-mail
Julia is a web site developer. She built the navigation buttons for this web site.

Mark Pahuta E-mail 760-939-3819
Mark is a big Habitat volunteer in both construction and Video production. Mark produced a 35 minute video of Habitat history extending through 2005. The video was later divided in many pieces and inserted into the current Habitat web site. Videos are an important web site media to effectively communicate the Habitat message to the public.

Tom Duncan E-mail (760) 677-1612 GoodJobRob Video Production
Tom is the web site videographer. As such he video tapes Habitat events, produces a video and formats the video for incorporation onto the Habitat web site. Videos are an important web site media to effectively communicate the Habitat message to the public.

Bud Shull
Bud collected testimonials from partner family homeowners with were used to build this web site.

Bob Joy
Bob is the Habitat photographer and responsible for many of the pictures on the web site.

Forrest Lloyd E-mail (760) 900-3205
Forrest is the web site developer project lead. As such, his overall responsibility is to lead the Habitat web site development effort following Habitat leadership direction.

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